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Top 10 Asian celebrity victims of nude photo scandal

…ng movie actress. She was one of the victims of the Edison Chen scandal where her highly pornographic videos and photos have leaked. Kim Ah-joong (金亚中) In 2009, full-frontal nude images of South Korean film and drama actress/model Kim Ah-joong was widely spread on the internet. Shocked, Kim Ah-joong and her management company have claimed that the photos are fabricated. Lai Ying Yu (賴盈羽) 457 nude photos of Taiwanese actress Lai Yin… Continue reading

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Sori’s Nude Photos Leaked

On December 21st, 2 nude photos of Korean pop singer Sori (소리) lying down on the bed with no top on were revealed on an online community portal site. The photos are allegedly taken from her cell phone, which she lost 2-3 weeks ago. Initially Singer Sori’s agency has began to take action against the individual who leaked nude photos of the singer: Sori’s agency announced, “It’s sad and distressing that such an event happened at a suppos… Continue reading

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Singapore nude photo scandals and leaks

…ians). Her blog, www.missizzy.org, is not active anymore. Adeline Teo The Girl Next Door In 2008, nude photos of Adeline Teo, the winner of 2007’s FHM Girl Next Door competition, were widely circulated on the net. She was lucky though. She has managed to escape the media attention, thanks to the full blown Edison Chen Scandal when very nude and hard core photos of famous actresses like Cecilia Cheung and Gillian Chung who were domi… Continue reading

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Mr. Asia 2012 Zhu Xiaohui’s Nude Photos Scandal

In yet another nude photo scandal in Asia, erotic photos of Zhu Xiaohui, a former gym instructor and recently crowned Mr. Asia, surfaced recently, which are circulating in the internet. According to Popular Asian web site, many pictures show Zhu Xiaohui total nude and these pictures were shared on gay sites. In one photo, he is seen wearing leopard skin briefs spreading in a seductive position, and in another he is seen cleanly shaven… Continue reading

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Alvin Tan Jye Yee and Vivian Lee blog sexy photos of themselves

…vin and Vivian, have met through Facebook and got together in April this year. The couple has first posted their nude photos on Facebook but after they are taken down they have decided to start their own blog to share the pictures. They have first posted photos on Tumblr on September 20th.[2] Update:Vivian Lee defended erotic posts and said she has no regrets making her sexual life public: “I see nothing wrong in posting the nude pictures a… Continue reading

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Angelina Zhang leaked nude photos

…d filed a report to the police after her pictures surfaced online. She described the people who spread her naked photos as ‘worse than wild animals’ and she also swore that no man was involved in taking her nude photos. According to AppleDailyEnglish, Angelina Zhang’s pictures are allegedly exposed to stir up buzz: It was not clear whether someone exposed her pictures to harm her reputation or she did this herself to… Continue reading

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Roy Chiu’s leaked nude photos

According to Taiwan’s Next Magazine, an old nude photo of Taiwanese actor Roy Chiu (邱澤) leaked into internet. In the photo the actor, who often plays clean-cut, tall, rich and handsome characters, kneels on one knee while his hands are tied behind his back, effectively covering his private parts from the view. The photo dates back to 2006 and is a part of a nude photo set shot by well-known Singaporean photographer Leslie Kee (紀嘉良). “This… Continue reading

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Singapore nude photo leaks and scandals

…are naked images of her playing with another girl circulating in the internet. Singapore model Jamie Ang leaked nude photo scandal Popular Singaporean model Jamie Ang has found herself in the middle of a leaked nude photo scandal in June 2013. Jamie Ang, who has won Miss Singapore Commonwealth as well as FHM Model 2012, is seen fully naked and sexually provocative in the leaked 50 photos which found their ways into several local online foru… Continue reading

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Dylan Sprouse Nude Photo Scandal

…ouse half of Dylan and Cole Sprouse bros has not-so-proudly joined the long list of celebrities to have his nude selfies leak online. The photos were “sexted” by him to his then girlfriend and she has posted them online. And not-so-suprisingly, Dylan Sprouse nude photos went viral immediately. One of the photos is a selfie of Dylan Sprouse, in boxer-briefs and the other is again of Dylan totally naked and showing everything…. Continue reading

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DJ Tenashar nude photo leak?

Last October, a blog named “Singapore Hall of Shame” has released a series of nude photos claimed to be belonging to a pre cosmetic surgery model turned DJ Tenashar. The blogger said that DJ Tenashar got angry that her nude photos were leaked. Later Google removed the photos from the blog (Singapore Hall of Shame is hosted on blogger which belongs to Google) because DJ Tenashar has complained to Google. According to The Newpaper, the… Continue reading

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