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Singapore nude photo leaks and scandals

…vered in most of the publications in Singapore and Malaysia. Alvin Tan Jye Yee and Vivian Lee Singapore model Janell Ong leaked nude photo scandal Jenell or Janell Ong, one of the Singapore’s FHM GND Top 15 Finalist, found herself in the middle of a leaked nude photo scandal when in April 2013 her more than explicit photos started to circulate over the internet forums. Jenell Ong was a top 15 finalist for FHM Singapore 2010 sexiest modelContinue reading

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Singapore nude photo scandals and leaks

…can still be found and watch online with the search of the actresses name. Li Ling Ling a.k.a Busty Singaporean nude photo leak According to some blogs, Li Ling Ling but better known as the Busty Singaporean or BustySingaporean had some racy lingerie and bikini modeling photos on the web already but no nudes and no topless shots until this leak in 2011. Li Ling Ling was a full-time banker for the Singaporean division of a major America… Continue reading

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Singapore model Jamie Ang leaked nude photo scandal

Popular Singaporean model Jamie Ang has found herself in the middle of a leaked nude photo scandal. Jamie Ang, who has won Miss Singapore Commonwealth as well as FHM Model 2012, is seen fully naked and sexually provocative in the leaked 50 photos which found their ways into several local online forums and blogs since early April 2013. Although most were quickly down with the threat of legal action, photos found their ways to inter… Continue reading

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DJ Tenashar nude photo leak?

Last October, a blog named “Singapore Hall of Shame” has released a series of nude photos claimed to be belonging to a pre cosmetic surgery model turned DJ Tenashar. The blogger said that DJ Tenashar got angry that her nude photos were leaked. Later Google removed the photos from the blog (Singapore Hall of Shame is hosted on blogger which belongs to Google) because DJ Tenashar has complained to Google. According to The Newpaper, the… Continue reading

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Nude under Raw Fish Chinese model Liu You Qi

Chinese model Liu You Qi is currently causing quite a stir online in Asia with her nude photos in which her assets are covered by raw fish. In the photo series a couple of stips of salmon strategically placed over 20-year-old model’s private parts. Modelling in her sashimi bra, the photos are ridiculous and almost indecent public exposure. It has been the short-cut fame for young and attractive Asian women to barely hide the… Continue reading

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Top 10 Asian celebrity victims of nude photo scandal

The most recent sex photos and videos scandal involving Taiwanese Justin Lee reminded other high profile victims of this kind of scandals. Below are the top 10 Asian names who fell victim to such scandals.Zhai Ling (翟凌) Zhai Ling, known as Shou Shou in China, is the “Number One Car Show Model” in China. Zhai Ling sex photos and videos “leaked” to internet in 2010 through her ex-boyfriend. Beijing New Silk Road Models… Continue reading

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Tesla Model S is 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year

…June, 2012, has beaten out finalists such as the Porsche Boxster, BMW 3-series, Lexus GS, and Subaru BRZ. Tesla Model S is relatively cheaper model of Tesla Motors compared to its previous Tesla Roadster, and is sold with a base price of $ 58,570 (before a federal tax credit of $ 7500), which makes it competitive with with entry-level Mercedes-Benz E-Class, BMW 5 Series, and Audi A6. As Motor Trend wrote “Tesla buyers likely don’t… Continue reading

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Gan Lu Lu in Singapore

…ky(!) audience in Club Lava will have the privilage to listen to three songs sang by the 27 years old busty model and play games with her, including a (what the hell) “suck and blow” game using jelly shots. Gan Lulu is known for her  32D assets and the things she does not wear on them. Known as (according to Diva) China’s top nude model,  busty Chinese model-actress Gan Lu Lu, unfortunately announced that she… Continue reading

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Photos of Angie Vu Ha Vietnamese DJ/model in Singapore

Singapore bases Vietnamese DJ/model Angie Vu Ha is recognized worldwide as Asia’s sexiest DJ. She is also Asia’s first supermodel DJ and Clubbing9ine Malaysia ranked Angie as number 5 in the Top Sexiest Supermodel DJs Worldwide. Modeling since 17 years old and internationally known since 2007 thanks to her signing with Diva Models, 25 years old bomb-shell is a real eye-candy DJ to watch. Angie Vu Ha started modeling at the… Continue reading

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China model Gong Yue Fei 龔玥菲 rocks car roadshow

Auto shows are increasingly becoming more popular with the almost nude promotional models rather than new car models. In China, they are already more about the sexy girls than sexy cars. Each auto show is raising the bar lower in terms of exposure of models whatever assets they have. Man when it comes to assets Chinese actress and model Gong Yue Fei (龚玥菲) has its all. She has recently become popular when her boobs and she acted as legendary anci… Continue reading

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